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The series was a major international success: it was sold to 100 territories and watched by an estimated audience of 500 million people worldwide.

did not generate the same revenue for the BBC as later Attenborough series because the Corporation made the mistake of signing away the American and European rights to their co-production partners, Warner Bros. "There are some four million different kinds of animals and plants in the world.

Indeed, the episode was capped off with the very first onscreen appearance of Sir David Attenborough himself, in a direct piece-to-camera that entreated viewers to rethink the possibilities of their urban environments; especially when Singapore has seen revolutionary attempts to create symbiotic structures where both humans and animals can thrive.Planet Earth II is scheduled to air in the UK on BBC One later this year, with an exact broadcast date yet to be confirmed.“I am very excited to once again be working with the Natural History Unit on its latest landmark series and am especially looking forward to getting out on location in the next month or so,” Attenborough said.One cameraman spent hundreds of hours waiting for the fleeting moment when a rare frog, which incubates its young in its mouth, finally spat them out.Another built a replica of a mole rat burrow in a horizontally-mounted wheel, so that as the mole rat ran along the tunnel, the wheel could be spun to keep the animal adjacent to the camera.

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