Hi 5 dating site

The site got its name from a feature that gave members the opportunity to give their friends virtual high-fives.

Fives were used as a way to describe a friend relationship.

And just like Tagged, Hi5 have a "Pets" gaming feature where friends can compete to collect each other.

Hi5 is a good choice of social network to go with if you're really interested in simply discovering new people in your nearby location, connecting with them, chatting a bit online and maybe meeting up eventually. If you're more into just keeping up with what your current friends, relatives, coworkers and acquaintances are up to, then Facebook would be the better alternative.

This is because both Hi5 and Tagged are now owned by social and mobile tech company if(we).

Hi5 became one of the most popular social networks when it experienced a huge growth spurt during 2007 with much of that popularity coming from Central America.

The Company had gained significant market share in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and Mary Meeker had cited hi5 as the 10th largest site in the World in her 2007 Technology / Internet Trends report.

Hi5 had many typical social networking features, such as friend networks, photo sharing, user groups, and status updates.

In a 2009 redesign, hi5 added a number of features oriented toward gaming and entertainment.

Recommended: The Top 25 Social Networking Sites People Are Using Hi5 is a social networking website targeted at a general audience interested in flirting, dating and making new friends.

If you visit Tagged's website today, which is another social network with a long history, you'll notice that its website is identical to the Hi5 website.

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